HACCP is the internationally recognized method for identifying and managing hazards or risks in food systems. The food system is addressed through analysis and identification of critical points and implementing these controls. It outlines good manufacturing practices for all food sectors. HACCP is critical for your compliance as it is the base for most international food related standards. Its design is based on preventive approach through the identification and control of Biological, Physical and Chemical hazards.

HACCP Certification

benefits OF HACCP CERTIFICATION to your organization

  • Implementation of internationally recognized standard.
  • Better trust with customers. 
  • Reduced costs in long run. 
  • Food safety standards increase. 
  • Informed staffs in the organization.
  • Enhanced inventory control.
  • Consistency in the product quality. 

benefits OF HACCP CERTIFICATION to your customerS

  • Assured product quality – Since HACCP certified vendors would be practicing all required steps for compliance, assured product is obtained 
  • Better traceability of products – Whenever required, traceability of products is possible through this standard – Farm to Fork
  • Compliance for most international standards – Most international food related standards have HACCP as a basic requirement
  • Preventive approach – An edge over traditional industrial practices through risk assessment
  • In times of litigation – The supplier is prepared for all requirements of legal and regulatory requirements

What are the requirements of HACCP CERTIFICATION?

  • Principles of HACCP 

There are 7 principles of HACCP. Implementation of these principles is very important to have an effective system.

  • Identification of the Hazard

It is very crucial to recognize hazards and classify these hazards into Physical, Biological and Chemical hazards. This will help us to understand the priority and impact of the hazard.

  • Critical Control Points

Analysis of the controls required in measurable terms with defining of maximum and minimum levels of acceptance. 

  • HACCP Plan

The 12 steps of HACCP are required to be implemented as a part of the plan. Recognition of leaders to do the same is also crucial. 

  • PRP and OPRP

The controls which are required and the extent to which the control is required must be understood and implemented. Risk calculation to be carried out based on the classification of hazards and priority of its impact. 

  • Traceability

Traceability of any product in the food lifecycle to its very start and to understand the hazard generation point and to rectify issues is very critical. 

  • Integration with various international Standards

HACCP is a basic platform for various international standard under Codex Alimentarius.


What is ISO 9001 Certification?

What is ISO 9001 Certification?

A Quality Management System is a set of an interrelated or interacting elements that an organization uses to formulate its Quality Policies and Objectives and establishes processes needed to  achieving them

Health, Safety and Environment


The main objective of HSE is to prevent and reduce accidents, emergencies, and health issues at work, along with taking necessary measures to avoid any environmental damage that could result from work practices.

Significance of Food Safety


Food Safety Management System is a scientific approach in controlling and monitoring the hazards within a food business chain to make sure that the processed food is safe to consume.

How to get an ISO Certification?

How to get an iso certification?

Here we have tried to guide our readers on How to get an ISO Certification without much hassle. We have tried to cover the different aspects that are important during ISO Certifications.


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